5 boys, 4 British, 3 Brunette, 2 Single, 1 Irish, Who’s that?

One Direction. That’s who.

I don’t even know where to start this is such a MASSIVE topic. Yes, I like them. Deal with it. But I’ll start off with a few pictures if you don’t know who they are (who wouldn’t know them?).

These boys each individually auditioned for the popular TV show ‘X-Factor’. The group consists of (left to right, picture on the right) Zayn Malik, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Niall Horan, and Liam Payne.They we’re all sent home, but not wanting to waste their talent, Simon Cowell called them back in as they were leaving the building. He decided they would stay in the competiton as one group. However, even though they did not win, they are undoubtedly one of the most -if not the most- popular band in the world right now.

After the show, Simon Cowell decided to sign the group, now known as One Direction.

Fun Fact: The name One Direction was thought up by Harry Styles.

Since I am lazy, I have put the links in the post to the wikipedia pages. Have fun.

I shall put a video here too, my favorite song of theirs:

One Direction – Stole My Heart

Do you like One Direction, have you ever heard of them, what’s your opinion? Comment your answer.


Grab your flip-flops and bring the sunscreen!

Its already summer! Time to pull on those shorts, tank tops, and start flipping and flopping all the way to the beach. Here is a great smoothie recipe to quench your thirst in this wonderful summer weather:

Strawberry Yogurt Smoothie

This refreshing strawberry yogurt smoothie takes only a few minutes to prepare, and is ideal as a nourishing start to the day.

4 cups (1 L) ripe strawberries
1 cup (250 mL) yogurt
1/2 cup (125 mL) fresh orange juice
1 tbsp (15 mL) sugar or sweetener
  • Yogurt
  • Strawberries
  • Sugar
  • Orang Juice
Rinse and drain the strawberries and place them in a food processor or blender. Add the yogurt, orange juice and sugar. Process on the highest speed until a well-blended purée forms, about 15 seconds, stopping to scrape down the sides of the container once or twice. Taste the mixture and sweeten with a little more sugar, if you wish.

For a very smooth beverage, strain the mixture, using a wooden spoon to push the drink through. Discard the strawberry seeds.

Pour into 4 tall glasses and serve immediately. If you wish to decorate the drinks, slit two strawberries or orange slices halfway through the centres. Attach one berry and/or one orange slice to the rim of each glass.

Preparation time 10 minutes; serves 4

• Banana-berry smoothie: Add 1 small banana, cut into quarters (Step 1). Because bananas tend to thicken drinks, increase the orange juice to 3/4 cup (175 mL). Taste the smoothie before adding the sugar (you may not need it).

• Apricot-berry smoothie: For the fruits, use 2 cups (500 mL) peeled apricot slices and only 2 cups (500 mL) ripe strawberries.

Book Trailers!

Hey guys, this week, my class made book trailers. Book trailers are like the summary of a book, with pictures and music, like a movie trailer. So I wanted to share mine with you guys! I did mine on INCARCERON by Catherine Fisher.

Well, I created it with Windows Movie Maker, and it doesn’t want to upload here. So stay tuned, I’ll try to figure it out and hopefully you guys will get to see it!


Story Time!

Yes, I know. I haven’t been here for awhile, but that’s because I’ve been very preoccupied with end of the year schoolwork. But good news! 1. It’s my birthday today, two I have a short story for you guys to read! Keep in mind, it’s not a very “happy” story…So here you are!

The Taking

Laina McPhee


The white van cruised down the road, following a young red-headed girl walking home from volleyball practice. Tires screeched on the pavement, as the van pulled in front. Two pairs of arms and hands reached out, engulfing the girl and pulling her in. Christina Marie Evans was gone…

Chapter 1

…Earlier that day…

“Mom! I’m gonna be late for practice!” 

“I don’t care, you have to unload the dishwasher and put away the dishes before you go anywhere”

“Mom!” I said, attitude in my tone. “It will take too long!”

“NOW Ms.Marie!” I knew that tone and what it meant; there was no way I was getting out of it.

 The dishes were still steaming and slippery. As usual, my mind was somewhere else, so I hadn’t realised I had dropped a porcelain plate until my mom’s voice pierced through my muddled thoughts.

“Whatever! Just GO, you can’t do any chores right anyway! Oh, look, now you’ve cut your finger!”-At this point in her lecture, I didn’t care if she made me do them or not, I just wanted to get out of there.

Quietly collecting up my stuff, I stuffed my phone in my duffel bag and silently rushed out of the door.

The morning air was sharp in my throat, making it harder to breathe evenly during my walk to school.

Chapter 2

As usual, my best friend Jake was patiently sitting on a concrete picnic table, waiting to watch me practice. Jake was 5’4”, classic brown hat hair with blue crystal eyes and chiselled features. He was on the swim team, so naturally he was fairly muscled, deep voice, with slightly tanned skin, and that, of course, made a lot of girls show up to watch the swim team practice. Jake wasn’t really popular, but he wasn’t necessarily unliked either, he had a few friends, along with me as his best friend. But that was about it.

“Mornin’!” He cheerily greeted.

 “Yeah…” I mumbled.

“What’s the matter?”

“My mum gave me another lecture this morning about how I am supposed to do all my chores perfectly. Every. Single. Time”

“Oh, yeah… that sucks… want some?” He offered his bag of Skittles; it showed he knew me well enough to know how to cheer me up.

I accepted the bag and started picking the purple ones; they were my favourite after all. I grabbed a handful and dumped them in my mouth, twisting closed the bag. Before I knew it, his arms were around me, warm and inviting. My head rested on his shoulder and we stood there together, enveloped in each others arms. When he finally released me, I was unsure how long we had stood.

“Uh, thanks” I thanked him.

“Come on, your gonna be late for practice”

We walked side by side, in through the doors, and as I looked at him beside me, I knew I was safe well I still had him there. At least that’s what I thought.


Volleyball practice was tedious; I didn’t get much done, because one of the girls, Holly, didn’t show up until it was almost over. So we didn’t get to play any practice games. Jake had left already and I had just changed and left the building, when I heard a car driving up behind me… 

Chapter 3

I remember seeing a van, then getting grabbed, and a wet cloth over my mouth. But that’s it. Now I’m in a small room, more like a closet, four bare walls, yellowed and peeling wallpaper with only one small, barred window and a door.

My wrists are handcuffed, and a gag chokes my mouth. It’s been what I think is about half an hour since I woke up. No one has come yet, but I can’t help wondering where I am, or what they are going to do with me, not to mention why.

I hear footsteps and a man enters the room, he is white, almost 6’0” tall, dressed in all black, and he has a gun.

He points it at me,

“Get up!” he growls.

I stand. He walks towards me and grabs the chain of my handcuffs.

“This way little missy” I’m too scared to speak, and I let him lead me down a long white hallway, lit with industrial lights. We must be in a warehouse; I was probably in a storage room. The hallway is lined with blank doors, having only a number, 234, 235, 236…It seemed like it went on forever, the minutes passing by as we walked in an ominous silence.

When we finally stopped walking, we were in the doorway of a very large factory room, filled with abandoned machines and forgotten stations. The ghosts of workers, having perished in factory accidents, were no doubt lurking in the shadows.

Chapter 4

 There are three men, one Caucasian and sounds like he’s from the deep south. The other two are jacked, most likely on some type of steroids. From what I’ve gathered, the two have thick foreign accents and seem to be arguing about something, the white male seems to be their ‘leader’. I’m sitting in a rusty metal chair, handcuffed again – this time behind the back for the chair. The rusty chair is digging into my also bound legs, but squirming doesn’t help. It’s like it almost makes it tighter every time I move.

I hear more tires, and then another man enters. Outside I can see a tip of a van through the dirty windows of the factory. He talks to them, pulls out a gun, and starts walking towards me. His face is distorted and tanned, a chiseled jaw and rough stubble dotting his chin, and he has the heaviest footsteps.

Circling me, he checks every little bit of me, top to bottom. All I can look at is his gun, waving back and forth loosely in his grasp as he sways back and forth, examining. Turning around, he walks towards the leader and whispers something in his ear, which I can only make out the bits of…

“…$100,000…at most….no more…yes…I know…”

He comes back, circling around one more time, before he stops directly behind me. I can hear his breathing and feel his presence behind my back. A cloth scarcely comes into view as I feel it on my mouth, a damp and a raw odour filling my throat. 

Chapter 5

“Have you seen Christina? She didn’t come back after volleyball practice” Said Ms.Evans.

“Sorry, no. I left before it was over” Jake was worried; Christina always let someone know where she is or is going. It was just strange.

“Well, I can’t find her anywhere and she’s not answering her cell phone”

At this point, Jake knew something was not right, Christina wouldn’t just go off somewhere without asking-let alone not reply back on her phone; she always answered her phone.

“Well…let’s try calling her one more time”

Mrs. Evans started towards the car, leaving Jake standing on the front steps of the school, cell phone in hand; her mom had waited in the car outside the front steps of Kalmang High School since three o’ clock- it was six o’ clock when she had seen Jake taking his 5 year old boxer, Maggie, for a walk on the school grounds.

“No answer” Jake looked at his feet.

“It went to the operator, which means she’s in an out of service zone” He was running out of options, and he had two choices left; just leave it and hope she goes back home, or report her as a missing person. But he couldn’t just sit there, he had to do something.

“We… need to report her… missing” Jake suggested.

“Uh…well, she hasn’t been gone that long, only a few hours-she’ll be back soon!” Christina’s mom replied hopefully. “Okay, fine-but don’t get your hopes up…” Jake said. 

Chapter 6

“Mom—– ?“ I inquire, half-asleep. How long have I been asleep…? The air seems musty, almost dirty. When I open my eyes I realize I am lying on a simple twin sized bed. The ceiling tile is cracked and chipped, a maze of tiny crevices. There is a small piece of metal on the floor, and I feel an overwhelming feeling of worthlessness… 

Chapter 7

I felt the cool metal against my wrist, with a dizzy, fluid motion; I slashed, making me feel fuzzy and warm. 

There’s white everywhere, a vast fog covering a pale white floor. “Uh…” I choke out. It seems I am wearing a beautiful white ball gown, with a huge skirt and jeweled strap curling around my neck. “Ahem” coughed a deep voice, emanating from behind me. I spun around quickly enough to make me slightly dizzy; it didn’t help when I realized the voice came from a huge man, probably 10 feet tall, wearing Greek battle armor and a uniform, he was also holding a clipboard and pen. He remarkably resembled Jake, and part of me wanted it to be him, with perfectly tanned skin, his broad shoulders and gentle smile…

“I assume you are Miss Evans?” boomed the man.

“U-u-u-uh, yea-h…” I stuttered.

He checked off something on his clipboard.

“Very good. And do you know why you’re here?” he asked. Honestly, I had no idea, I could remember who I was, who Jake and my mom were, even my principal, Mr.Berry.

But for the life of me, I couldn’t remember where I was, or how I got there.

“No-o sir”

Another check on his clipboard.

“Well, you see little miss, you were given a drug while unconscious from your kidnappers knocking you out. The drug was a very powerful one, it induced such a mood swing that when you finally awoke to consciousness, you felt so depressed that you slit your wrists.”

My mouth was almost to the ground, I couldn’t think of anything to say. Me? Commit suicide?! It was impossible, crazy, downright insane

He continued,

“That is why you are her- ‘

“-but where is-‘ I interrupted.

He held up his hand, signaling for me to shut up and listen.

“That is why you are here, and ‘here’ is a special place in the afterlife where all the suicidals get sent to” it was hard to swallow, the afterlife, that meant I was… dead.

“Wait, wait, wait. Where was I before I died?” I inquired.

“You had been in an orphanage. The kidnappers had dumped you on the road. Social services had found you, and were sorting out who you were and where your parents were when you slit your wrists”

But, no, I couldn’t die… I had to live, see Jake, my mom, my classmates…

“But Sir, I didn’t mean to die, I didn’t want to… It’s unfair!” I pleaded.

“Now don’t get all worked up for nothin’. You see, I was going to offer you a second chance at life, because taking your own life wasn’t your own conscious thought, it was the drug.”

“Really? Do you mean it?” I really wanted to live, I hadn’t realised it when I was alive, but, I couldn’t bear to be without the ones I love, including Jake.

“Yes, I mean it” he stated.

“Thank you… So much..” I whispered, my voice barely heard.

Well then, time to get you home, he’s waiting for you, y’know.”

A silvery mist started shimmering around me.

“Wait, who is waiting…?–”

Chapter 8

I felt his warm, firm grip, his voice pleading

“Please, Christi…please… I.. love you so much… don’t go” he whispered.

I opened my eyes slowly, taking in he smells and sounds before my eyes settled on the hunched over figure, bending down; forehead resting against the bed. I felt my cheeks flush,

“Jake…” I whispered slowly, it was painful to speak, and felt like I had been hit by a train head-on. He jumped with a start, falling back while still holding my hand, taking me with him. The sheets flew off the bed and by the time we hit the floor, he was lying next to me, hugging me close.


“Don’t ever leave again, ever…” his words were soft and spoken gently; I knew he was speaking from within himself. All at once he realized I heard what he said, pulled back, sat up and covered his face, but I could still see him go red through his fingers.

He pulled me back in again, and stroked my hair with his hands, gently kissing my forehead.

Right then I knew why I wanted to live, I wanted to live to experience.

Will Wikipedia Die?

Oooh, spooky!

My new class in my new town (tear), is doing a section on ancient Egypt. We all have to pick a subject involved with ancient egypt and do a project on it. I chose the book of the dead, pretty much just because it sounded kinda cool. But it’s a lot more work than I thought because for one, we aren’t allowed to use Wikipedia! I know! GASP. We’re all gonna die.

Then again, it might be a good thing, not relying on Wikipedia. I bet all of you have always used it as the main source of information on at least a of couple projects before. After all, it is a good information source, but what if its wrong, what if it crashes or gets closed down? What will we do then?  Well, we would have a really dificult time trying to find different sources on the topic we are currently researching.

What do you think?Do you think this would be a good thing, or not?



Cheer The Blogs Challenge!

In time for the holiday season and Christmas, now is the perfect time for The “Cheer The Blogs” Challenge. But I warn you, I made this up.  This is your task:

To spread blogging cheer, you give the readers 2 names of bloggers that you recommend to visit and comment on their blogs. After you complete the Challenge, you need to make a post about the challenge (with a link to my blog, crediting the idea to me.) and nameing 2 people whom you recommend.

While doing this, you have a chance to make new blogging friends and you may have a chance to make someones day by visiting their blog and leaving a friendly comment. So without further ado, I shall start the Cheer The Blogs Challenge!

Let me know what you think! Comment and enjoy!

Shiny Things!

Hello all!

I’m going to tell you a great, fun way to make a shiny ornament to hang on your tree this year! Crystalized snowflakes!

You will need:

  • widemouth jar
  • white pipe cleaners
  • blue food coloring (optional)
  • boiling water (with adult help)
  • borax (available at grocery stores in the laundry
    soap section, as 20 Mule Team Borax Laundry Booster – NOT Boraxo soap)
  • pencil

Step 1: Cut a white pipe cleaner into 3 equal sections. Twist the sections together in the center so that you have a “six-sided” star shape. If your points are not even, trim the pipe-cleaner sections to the same length.

Step 2: Attach a piece of string to the top of one of the pipe cleaners and tie the
other end to a pencil (this is to hang it from).

Step 3: Fill a jar with boiling water. Mix borax into the water one tablespoon
at a time. Use 3 tablespoons of borax per cup of water. Stir until dissolved,
(don’t worry if there is powder settling on the bottom of the jar).

You can add a little blue food coloring to make it tinted blue.

Step 4: Insert your pipe cleaner snowflake into the jar so that the pencil is resting on
the lip of the jar and the snowflake is freely suspended in the borax solution.

Step 5: Wait overnight and by morning the snowflake will be covered with shiny crystals.
Hang in a window as a sun-catcher or hang it on your Christmas tree!

Have Fun!

Steps credit to: http://britton.disted.camosun.bc.ca/snow/boraxsnowflake.html


Shame On Me!

Hello readers,

I’m so sorry, I apologize to everyone for my laziness and lack of attention to my blog! I haven’t had time for you, and I feel so bad about it! I just moved, and went to a new school, got a new house and everything. Don’t you worry though, I have lots of stories to come.

I will be telling you the ups and downs and inside-outs. I have a whole lot of Christmas and Winter related posts ready to get posted! From holiday gift and craft ideas to my own holiday plans!

See you soon!


Picture Credit to: gesehen on flickr


Remember, I AM keeping this blog. But I did make another photoblog. That means I won’t be posting as much on here but more on my other, new blog. The new blog I created is called When Pork Flies. I just put a picture of a flower on just to take up space right now so I can work on other posts.

Here is the link: http://whenporkflies.wordpress.com/

Here is another really good photoblog I know(not mine): http://chantelemcphee.com/