The Huzzahnian Dragon

As the summer sun rose, the little dragon hurried back to its cave for it feared it would be seen by one of the savage humans.

The dragon lived in the mystical silver mountains that floated in the sky, held by chains securing them to the harsh and unforgiving land. It was a stunning purple and fiery orange dragon, living right next to a waterfall that cascaded down out of the sky and made a lake on the human’s land.

The Mystical dragon of the Silver Mountains

The Mystical dragon of the Silver Mountains

My Kitty Kats!

As you may know I currently have five pets. These are the stories of how my cats came to be with us.


The pet my family has that we have had the longest is Bandit. Bandit is a not very cuddly but friendly Norwegian forest cat. I can’t remember a time when he didn’t live with us, and trust me you do not want to move to an island with a cat in a crate meowing continually for six straight hours.

He has has a big appetite most of the time, and sometimes if he doesn’t get food he’ll go outside to hunt for little bunnies or other cute animals. He will freak out if you pick him up for more than ten seconds.

We have to clean corners of the furniture because he rubs against everything and the pigment (color) comes out of his fur. He does this because he wants a good scratch! He also sheds a lot!


The other cat I have is Sasha. Sasha is usually VERY cuddly and sometimes a little too much! I call her my cat because I’m the only one who will cuddle with her and show her some love.

We have no idea what kind of cat she is. She came home with us after we had to leave her at the British Columbia S.P.C.A. because when we first got her she was sick. Poor kitty!

If Sasha isn’t meowing at the door wanting to be let outside she’s eating Bandit’s  food. I used to let her sleep in my room all the time until she gave me fleas. Yes, I did get fleas from my cat.

I have some of the cutest kitties!

I will tell you more about  my other pets later. As for now you’ll have to be content with my cats!

7 Random Facts About Me!

Hi , this is my first real post. I am still learning about internet privacy but I can still tell you these without spoiling my private information. Do you have anything in common with me? If so feel free to leave a comment below.

  1. I like to eat mozzarella cheese.
  2. I hate onions and brussel sprouts.
  3. I have never broken a bone.
  4. If I could I would swim everyday.
  5. I have a Siamese fighting fish named Ninja.
  6. I was born in Kamloops.
  7. I have stayed in the same school my whole life.