Disneyland:The Happiest Place on Earth…or so I thought

Or so I thought? you may wonder, that is correct, you read it right.

Spring Break. California. Warm with a slight breeze.

My sisters, grandparents and I are walking on the clean, white sidewalk on our way to Disneyland/California Adventure Park. My seventeen year old sister, Micaela, spies some lost money on the sidewalk just outside the entrance. It was about eleven American dollars. Micaela puts it in her wallet, and we walk in to where the shuttles stop.

Now here’s the high point of this story.

So we walk in, la-dee-da-dee-da, then we are walkin’ walkin’ walkin’. Then, this guy, dressed in dark clothes n’ everything, tries to pull aside Micaela, so, protecting her, my grandfather puts his hand on her back and just nudges her along. Of course, we didn’t know who he was, then he comes back and says ” Hey! I’m with Disneyland security. You wanna see my badge? Here, see.” or something along the lines of that. Anyway, he said a guy lost some money and he saw us pick it up. But he was treating us like criminals! The way he was being a jerk to us, you’d think we murdered his kid!(If he had one that is.)

So right before we walked away Micaela said, “So much for the happiest place on earth, guy.” (Not too loud, just above muttering-type volume.)

MadTeaPartybyMastery of Maps

Eventually, the guy got the money back and gave it to the man, and we forgot about, at least enough to still have fun in Disneyland.

Image Credit to Mastery Of Maps

Edited by Jared and Zach